Saturday, August 24, 2013

But I am happy

Story as told by Chingmak Kejong, a local pastor and leader in the fight against HIV/AIDS in Tuensang District, #Nagaland to Nida Najar, The Caravan.

Once he said, there was a villager who lived near a stream and was full of fish, and everday he would catch one and feed his family. One day, an outsider happened to be passing by, and saw this stream full of fish, and  walked down to it. He exclaimed at the bounty of the stream and praised the villager's luck for living so close to it. The outsider advised the villager to capitalise on his blessings and catch more than just one each day. The villager asked the outsider what would happen if he caught more fish then he needed for his own family.

"Why, then you'll be rich," the outsider responded.
"And then what will happen?" asked the villager.
"Well, then you'll be happy," he replied.
The villager paused a moment.
"But I am happy," he said.


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