Sunday, February 28, 2010

Advertising - invasive expression of commerce

Advertising is needed to inform, direct and educate, but in its present form, it is an invasive expression of commerce. Advertising creates envy and sense of inadequacy; it is responsible for mediocre TV programming because the lower denominators for taste produce the highest ratings; it deceives young and old alike into purchases that are inappropriate, unnecessary, or wasteful, feeding the frenzy of consumption that is responsible for civilization's overshooting present carrying capacity. it is a type of 'disvalue', the removal of value from a motion and hyperbole instead. Mass-market advertising reinforces economic centralization because of the high costs required; it is anti-democratic because it is not designed to allow dissenting voices that challenge the product's value or merits, and serves no social needs. Advertising permeates our soul, and denigrates women, the intellect and spirituality. It has been called the "paradigmatic science" of the twentieth century. 



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