Sunday, September 14, 2008

"Faith" in "Quest"

Here in lies “Financially Free, Quest quencher Sabir Haque”
I don't know if that would be the perfect epitaph come the issuance of My never soliciting Driving License issued by Road Tragic Authority also known in unpopular circles as RTA.
I am talking about a motivated individual on wheels that will be ready to pounce on you. Would you ask why? Because you are not motivated enough to pull yourself out of your 8-5 job routine!
The idea behind this out rightly helpful gesture is to free you, free you from becoming this money chasing rabbit and soon Money will chase you. Chase you away from worried loan loaded future, most importantly friends, because you will be so busy slowing down and ogling at the money that friends will just become another account to close.
The most disgusting thing I hate about people doing Sales is how intelligent they become as soon they seal in their first account. And how they will remember your anniversary, your festivals and your wife's birthday as well. Their efficiency regales me to no dimension. And they do it for the dough, no disrespect on that front. But they do have their own family, their own ashtray hiding spot, tea marks on their tables; they are flush users like us - human beings!!
But what happens when you are bugged by this menacing money machine idea, where you become a sales men for ever, networking you way up to everlasting pipelines of money?

I lost one of my very close friends to this train of money in the recent past, although he is happier than ever. I see in him in a cold rush of accounting of those crisp Dollars which par amounts to anything - time, money and friends too! Very recently I met him and he promised me to visit me at my new address. He promised me he would come next weekend.
When the next weekend came after crossing the menacing traffic jam on the Emirates Road, I got an SMS asking me to come over to DisneyLand on Steroids (Do-i-buy?) to attend this seminar, and as I mentioned due to my misfortune with RTA, I just can't bring myself to stand waiting for a Paki(in a Taxi!!). He can't come as it would be less -|productive|- for him, as he was too tied up. Well, here comes the motivated salesman - weighting everything in time=money.
When I lose money, which I mean to reframe - I lose time, sitting idly with a remote in my hand and my PDA on the other writing my simmering notes or talking to my friend back in India about his new torrent downloads or stop by the road and spend some empty hours in Border (book store) and browse through books I’m never gonna buy. Meet friends in Cafes without a notebook but with just few money which I just offloaded from my disappearing ATM account. Do I feel something missing me here!! Money =/ Time. What is it I am gaining? What is it my friend is losing?
Some moments of unaccounted money and peace? I am not productive. I am not efficient with my time. All I can promise myself is that when I get my RTA sponsored dream come true, I hope I don't make appointments wondering how many Dollars are getting credited to my account?
One cup of cafe Mocha? ..Hey did you catch "Rock On!! Cool movie ha". What's that notebook for?


Anonymous said...

Its like hypnotism... they try to hypnotize you with their stories and dreams and numbers and tell you to follow what they tell you to the T.... if you don't then your quest ends just like mine...... Very well written Sabir.

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