Thursday, July 24, 2008


In nursery I use to love this one, particularly there would be so many elmements to take inspiration from, the puddle of mud right in front of our gate, scaling off the dried up mud and it would form curls like an icecream, frogs taking refuge in our bathroom camouflaging with the algae infected walls, constant scolding from mom for losing my nth umbrellas in some anonymous shop in our community market and after attaining adulthood the significance doesn't diminish but the events turned its shape. Cycling from school, i would deliberately slow down to get drenched in the rain, save a cigaratte to have it with the tea standing outside of one of the numerous road side dhabas after scanning through the pathway for any familiar faces and I particularly enjoyed washing the cycle with pressure pipes and littering our garden pathway with mud. Mom would make a face but that will melt down soon in the afternoon tea which i would prepare everyday.
Things have changed we have moved on with our lives, living our lives miles away from home and yes, I miss the incessant rain lashing its fury all through out the year in Assam.Now coming back from the middleast this summer has been very significant so far, looking out to the future and ignoring the past has been a pastime for me during this vacations. Rain has managed to be perfect catalyst for such thought storming my mind. My scotter is parked outside suffering the constant downpour all though out the night, my friends came over and we had a party and I would constantly look down on my scotter suffering the umbrage of the summer rains. Later in the morning when the inverter could take it no more from the absence of the electricity whole night decides to shut itself down, I wake up with a heavy head and thirsty tongue, my mind reverts back to my lonely scotter and still rain has not stopped a bit, I brave the piercing drops from the sky enjoying it at the same time, maneourve my scotter under the safe shelter of our garage and wait for a moment in the rain to get completely drenched.
Its sometimes great to lose yourself in the moment and let an external force to drench you down, its rain and how much I want it to stay and never go away.

Trip to Dibrugarh via Tinsukia from Duliajan

I am driving from Duliajan to Dibrugarh via Tinsukia with my uncle, my uncle an excellent driver, although he is getting a little old losing his sight a bit, but he still enjoys such ride and still find it a challenge to drive down the pothole magnified roads. The sky draws its curtain with a blackened cloud and I suddenly got excited. My uncle looks at me and smiles understanding my obsession with rains and promises all my excitement will turn fruitful in sometime soon. We see a whitened road ahead it has started raining half a mile away from our car and we are fast approaching its corridor. I pull out my PDA and start rummaging through its video control.

Later I would tip toe over the road where only a shamble of the road is visible under the mud and under the potholes lies a history so commoner and true to its image - Assam a state when u approach from a flying object all can be visible under the fluffy and most of the times heavy cloud cover is water filled paddy fields and sleepy town and villages. Farmers working incessantly on the paddy fields and most of the populaton zzzzzzzzz with meat curry and bhat(rice) never missing out the chewing sessions of betel nut and reddening side roads with the spits. Nobody seems to care much just that they still wait for the rain to go away and they can imagine themselves again working with no delay. And here I am in the middle of the delay and enjoying its widening gap.

Rain...Rain...never go away


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