Sunday, June 8, 2008

How well do you know PINK?

PINK was first used as a term in the 17th century to describe the undersaturated scarlet of Dianthus blossom/ By the early 20th century, pink was considered a masculine color - a light red - and mothers were counseled to dress their daughters in demure Virgin Mary blue. / Pink changed gender associations after World War II, often thought to be because the Nazis used a pink triangle to denote homosexuality./ Since then, pink has been so linked with femininity that a study done on adult male prisoners found that when subjects were placed in a pink room, they had more trouble hoisting their barbells. / Yet pink is everywhere; The pink triangle has been proudly reclaimed for gay pride, and pink has been associated with everything from breast cancer awareness to punk fashion to the socialist part of portugal/ Mary Kay Ash exemplified pink connections to power and femininity in 1968 when she ordered her first pink Cadillac to exactly match the shade of her signature May Kay Compact.


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