Tuesday, April 8, 2008

More about Cyberspace!!

What is Cyber squatting?
Cybersquatting is the practice of registering a website that contains a trademark, and then holding it hostage from the legitimate trademark holder in the hopes of a payoff. Typo-squattering involves registering websites that contain misspelling of trademarks, such as Googel.com, with the hope that the trademark owner will also pay to own the misspell site.

Dominaing, which is technically legal, is still somewhat controversial. Domainers purchase non-trademarked domain names in the hopes of either reselling the name at a profit. Some websites have resold for millions of dollars. Other domainers “park” the domain in order to generate advertising revenue. A parked site usually reroutes users to a website that contains ads.

While a number of international laws and internal procedure discourage squatting, domaining is going to be an issue.

Domains – what are domains and how do we register them?
It is the name of Web Server name in the URL and email server name in an email address

How do you register for a domain?
Things having become easy for nowadays to get a free web space, when Google and others are giving you web space for free up to 1 GB and purchasing a unique domain name seems like a futile exercise, but we have to remember it comes along with a price.

Ideaminefield.com gives far more visibility that ideaminefield.blogspot.com
So, for obvious reasons getting a domain name for your unique web identity or commercial enterprise seems like a good investment. But how exactly do we get a unique domain and does your venture ends right there with a domain name, you have to further also purchase webspace, rates differ accordingly how many MBs to GBs you require to use.

On my next post, more on how to get your own domain name registered and the next step of buying web space for yourself.


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