Sunday, March 9, 2008

Revolutionaries, Ideologies & A Tight Noose - I

Swami Vivekananda declared:

I am thoroughly convinced that no nation or individual can live by holding itself apart from the community of others and whenever such an attempt has been made under false idea of greatness, policy or holiness - the result has always been disastrous to the secluding one. To my mind, the one great cause of this downfall or degeneration of India was the building of a wall of custom, whose foundation has been hatred of others...

At other place he said:

No man , no nation can hate others and live, India's doom was sealed the very day they invented the word MLECCHA and stopped from communion with others

Is attaining swaraj was only for Hindus, or only Mahomedan, but not a Christian Swaraj. When we seek for freedom, do we seek a different swaraj for each one of us.

I just finished reading "To Make the Deaf Hear" by S Irfan Habib on the ideology and Programme of Bhagat Singh and His comrades. Completely moved and It takes you right into an Revolutionaries psyche. Let me hurl these bombs on you...

Ideology and Programme of HRA - Hindustan Republican Association

The pamplet The Reolutionary began with the words of Neitzsche : "Chaoas is the necessary to the birth of a new star" and the birth of life is accompanied by agony and pain. "India is also taking a new birth, and is passing through that inevitable phase, when chaos, and agony shall play their destined role, when all calculations shall prove futile, when the wise and mighty shall be bewildered by the simple and weak, when great empires shall crumble down, and new nations will arise and surprise humanity with the splendour and glory which shall be all its own"

The manifesto of the HRA tried to condemn the mischievous propaganda against the revolutionaries for being terrorists and anarchists. It said:

The Indian revolutionaries are neither terrorists nor anarchists. They never aim at spreading anarchy in the land, and therefore they can never properly be called anarchists. Terrorism is never their object and they cannot be called terrorists. They do not believe that terrorism alone can bring Independence and they do not want terrorism for terrorism sake, although they may at times resort to this method as a very effective means of retaliation. The present Government exists because the foreigners have successfully been able to terrorise the Indian People"

It further proceeds:

The official terrorism is surely to be met by counter terrorism...Moreover the English masters and their hired lackeys can never be allowed to do whatever they life, unhampered, unmolested. Every possible difficulty can resistance must be thrown in their way.

It almost feels like they are talking about's unmasked imperialism. Just changed the names and these revolutionaries are calling out to us...
(more to come)


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