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A Romantic comedy crippled by a lame script and a serious absence of chemistry between the leads, teamed here with beautiful but horribly miscast Madeleine Stowe and Sly as her bodyguard. The script goes through such turmoil in the middle of the movie, when Stowe marries the mobster in an impromptu ceremony and then induces him to expire of a heart attack by shimmying out of sexy lingerie.

Stallone has absolutely no role to play - the script by Will Aldis and Steve goes from ineffectual to ridiculous. The entry of the Sicilian romance novelist Marcello (Raoul Bova) just makes you go through the dark harrowing spirals of this mundane script.

If films were more organic in terms of how the characters are developed and if they could stop creating such a farce of a movie. I can't even call it a mafia movie when it decides to go a great lowbrow with scenes involving a farting mobster.

Don’t' pick the DVD, well the picked up the DVD thinking of the strange pair of Stallone and Madeleine, and ya; I accept I have this strange weakness of Madeleine Stowe kinds. But really a big price to pay...

My rating: 2/10

Story Plot: Mafia chieftain Angelo (a raspy-voiced Anthony Quinn in his final film role) extracts a promise from his trusted bodyguard, friend and surrogate son Frank (Stallone) to take care of the old man's daughter Jennifer (Stowe). Raised by a Long Island couple, her true identity has been kept secret to everyone including herself, to avoid making her a target for rival Mob violence. When Angelo gets whacked, Frank lands on Jennifer's doorstep to give her a crash course in family history.
Martyn Burke

Writers (WGA):
Will Aldis (story)
Will Aldis (screenplay) ...

Sylvester Stallone ... Frankie Delano
Madeleine Stowe ... Jennifer Barrett Allieghieri
Anthony Quinn ... Angelo Allieghieri
Raoul Bova ... Marcello / Gianni Carboni


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