Monday, February 4, 2008

An Odd melodrama

An American beauty turned teen thriller with American pie popping the virginal quest heralding the Beethoven symphonies strumming the binomial piano sting leading to a murder. This film just doesn’t know where it is leading the viewers. Dot played by Camilla Belle is a deaf who is not a deaf, Martin Donovan playing the father who screws his daughter Elisa Cuthbert how acts and overacts and sometimes doesn't know if she can act at all. The finale rape scene while her mother Edie Falco pops away her drug dream.

The dysfunctional family just gets better, Katy Mixon playing the role of Nina's cheerleader pal and best friend talk’s non stop about fucks, dicks and nipples - ala American pie which incidentally later starts aiming towards Oscar honors.

What exactly is wrong about the film and or what can be the best part of the film. Well, the cinematography is definitely great, so is the soundtrack, but everything else just falls flat, simply too much melodrama in the film.

The only great part of the film I think is worth mentioning is the narration of Dot, who keeps comparing her life's misguided truths with Beethoven which is surprisingly just a part of the film which in coherence with the rest of the plot doesn’t make sense.

The inner berating of a deaf girl and how she handles adolescence is worth watching in the film, but his part is just a string in the piano which is torn out for the last murder act, everything else is a cinematic error proportional to dipping the script in all kinds of potions to make it shine.

Please avoid this film, simply because we are already so confused in life, Dare not make it anymore complicated.


MY rating: 4/10


Jamie Babbit

Writers (WGA):Abdi Nazemian (written by) &
Micah Schraft (written by)

Elisha Cuthbert ... Nina Deer
Camilla Belle ... Dot
Edie Falco ... Olivia Deer
Martin Donovan ... Paul Deer
Shawn Ashmore ... Connor

Basic Plotline:
Following the death of her widowed father, Dot (Camilla Belle) is taken in by her adoptive godparents, Paul (Martin Donovan) and Olivia (Edie Falco) Deer. Deaf and silent since age 7 when her mother died, Dot is sullen and introspective. She is treated like a freak by the Deers' hostile daughter
Nina (Elisha Cuthbert), whose poisonous behavior goes unchecked by mom and dad. As Dot quietly observes her new environment, it soon becomes apparent that the Deers are not the Cleavers. Decorator Olivia is a pill-popping zombie, while Paul regularly pops Nina, phoning her at school to ask, "Are you wearing your cheerleader outfit?"

Pretty soon, everyone is unburdening their secrets to Dot, who has secrets of her own. Nina wants to kill dad (her vengeful love-hate feelings almost find an outlet in a steam-iron incident), Paul acknowledges that he's sick and needs help, while poor Olivia just wants the right wallpaper.


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