Thursday, January 17, 2008

DVD Parlor - the wait is over

I often shuffle them like shuffling cards, totaling the 'I don’t' care attitude', this common attitude belts out with such idioms:
"Will this be predictable",
"I already know the ending looking at the cover",
"Will the actors overact",
"Looks like a find of the century, what was this movie doing in the dust of the shelf",
"This will definitely have a hot scene",
"Let’s see, this only is going to cost me 10 dirham"

Well, that is how I picked up 'Vacancy', well; a combination of two of the above expressions shines its amour. Luke Wilson and Kate Beckinsale was of course the selling point, never heard of director Nimrol Atal but was excited to see cinematographer Andrzej Sekula (Pulp Fiction) on the DVD cover. Now what is it?

Vacancy plays on your everyday fears and tries to makes the everyday scary. Pretty scary huh! Keeping in mind, the start looks pretty ordinary, but surely after first 20 min. you are serious doubt, if any one of the two is going to make it alive. At the same time, you tell yourself this is no 'saw' movie. No, tearing flesh or blood bath on the pool, what is it going to be - the everyday thriller??

The movie plays on common human fears: loud noises in the night, a ringing phone with no one at the other end, claustrophobia, rats and roaches, and a sense of profound isolation. Every shot is carefully composed to enhance the suspense. The pieces are put together beautifully and by the end, you can sit back for a surprising ending.

But if you can hate the movie also after the Hitchcock psycho inspired title sequence of the film. Start thinking an ode to the master. But don't raise your expectations, it is a everyday thriller movie but worked really hard upon to make it scary, that is the Achilles heel of the film.
Mistaken for something amazing can be a blooper. Just watch the film to thrill yourself, if you are some sick blood gory film fan, this is not for you. If you drive down the highway often and often see creepy motel holding your brakes in...Jump in for the thrills
My rating: 6/10

While on a road trip with his soon-to-be-ex-wife, Amy (Kate Beckinsale), David tries to avoid a raccoon in the road and ends up damaging his car. After the vehicle conks out, the quarrelsome couple must hike more than a mile to arrive at a lonely roadside motel that would make the Bates establishment seem welcoming. The attendant (Frank Whaley) is creepy, but meeting him is only the start of a very bad night. The TV in thei room can't get an over-the-air signal but there are some video tapes. Instead of providing David with his hoped-for porn, they show home-made snuff films. With a start, David recognizes that they were made in the room he and Amy are in. That's when the banging on the walls begins and the frightening guys in masks show up outside.
Nimród Antal
Writer (WGA):Mark L. Smith (written by)
Kate Beckinsale ... Amy Fox
Luke Wilson ... David Fox
Frank Whaley ... Mason
Ethan Embry ... Mechanic
Scott G. Anderson ... Killer


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