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Jim tells his brother ""You're divorced, with a shit job in a lumberyard, and live with Mom and Dad. I'm a fucked up but you're a damn tragedy."

Casey Affleck has a paste board in his room filled with poets, novelist, musicians who died ranging from putting their head to the oven to drinking spurious liquor to plain boredom. Hemingway putting up a brave face standing out amidst others.

Casey's character Jim is a man perfected in boredom and looks million times stoned, I mean its wont be wrong calling him "stoned as ever". Its difficult to imagine, how Casey prepared for this role, or did he prepare for this ever. The film looks atrociously low-budget, almost most of the low light scenes had millions of grains. No wonder it was not surprising to find out that the original studio financing the film backed off and InDigEnt, a New York-based, Mini-DV movie company, came on board, the budget was reduced from $3 million to $500,000 (there goes one trivia)

It is but natural for film critics to criticize the film on the unnatural levels of moroseness and pessimism ingrained in the film. But you can't help notice the changes in Jim and how dangerously honestly he accepts his flawed view of the world. The pacing of the film works for the film and you have to get adjusted to the pace as you are watching it. Don't expect a visual treat, but this film seeps into the ground when nobody is watching. Liv Taylor is unnoticeable in the film, and given her aura, its a commendable job. So believable and so small townish temperament.

Dogma Style camerawork, and right after the film ended, I turn to my girl friend and say "We can also make a film like this...looks so easy to make"...Ya Right!!

my rating: 7/10

Lonesome Jim (2005)Director:Steve Buscemi
Writer:James C. Strouse
Casey Affleck

Kevin Corrigan
Mary Kay Place
Seymour Cassel
Liv Tyler

Casey Affleck's Jim, on his trek back to Goshen after failing at an undiscussed artistic professional endeavor in New York City.His family, which includes a taciturn father, Don (Seymour Cassel of the old John Cassavetes stock company), a determinedly cheery mom Sally (Mary Kay Place), bouncy nieces Rachel and Sarah (Rachel and Sarah Strouse, the writer's relatives) and a quiet, trapped-looking brother, Tim (Kevin Corrigan), who keeps suffering mysterious accidents that are probably suicide attempts.Liv Tyler as nurse Anika, a perfect small-town beauty. The other is from an unfamiliar source, old Buscemi acting partner Mark Boone Jr., who plays Uncle Evil, a drug dealer working at Don's factory.


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