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Narrative of a film is what always interested me, and particularly "to die for" exemplifies my concern on the fact that sometime a filmmaker have to reinvent old methods to put up an argument. At first look, the first 15 minutes of the films almost seems like a TV documentary patched together with 'video booth' style interview of the prime characters. Nichole Kidman is so believably insane in her portrayal of the character. she retains the quality when she is inacting her role and when she is speaking to the camera, the positioning of the audience just changes from inside the film to the theatre seats.

Audience positioning is what is confusing in the film, and half way the film, you will wonder "If the film makers wants you to judge Nichole's character and only after your approval, she recieves her cold end under the snow, over which Illeana Douglas playing the role of Matt Dillon's sister rollerskates as the credit roll by.

Nicole is absolutely great and proves that the role is written keeping her in mind. Other actors shows their early promise so early in their career notable Joaquin Phoenix. Looking at his acting in this film in 1995, no wonder a decade later, he receives his Academy Award Nomination.
As a audience, you will be busy piecing clues and character information due to the disorganized pieces of the "actual story". So, much to make a comment on Television Programming.

my rating: 7/10

to die for(1995)Director:Gus Van Sant
Writers (WGA):Joyce Maynard (book)Buck Henry (screenplay

Nicole Kidman
Matt Dillon
Joaquin Phoenix
Casey Affleck

Basic Plot
Suzanne is a single young woman in the town of Little Hope, New Hampshire. She has the looks, but not much intelligence to go with them. Despite that (or perhaps because of it), she catches the eye of local hunk Larry Maretto (Matt Dillon), an all-around nice guy and the son of a reputed mobster. Larry falls head-over-heels, and there is soon the nuptials, with Suzanne wearing an exact replica of Maria Shriver's wedding veil. Not long after that, Larry has been transformed from "Van Halen to Jerry Vale" and is beginning to bore Suzanne with his desire to become a father, especially now that her career is taking off with a daily job as the weathergirl at a local cable station.


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