Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Shop Girl (2005)

Director:Anand Tucker
Writers (WGA): Steve Martin (novel)
Steve Martin (screenplay)
Cast:Steve Martin ... Ray Porter
Claire Danes ... Mirabelle Buttersfield
Jason Schwartzman ... Jeremy Kraft
Bridgette Wilson ... Lisa Cramer (as Bridgette Wilson-Sampras)
PRODUCER: Ashok Armitraj, Jon J. Jashni, Steve Martin
EDITOR: David Gamble
MUSIC: Barrington Pheloung

She stands behind the gloves counter of Saks Avenue, after a glamorous entry of the camera floating over the paraphernalia of the Saks Avenue Shop skipping over a lot other shop girl finally resting on one. what is so special about this shop girl? She is lonely, she is an artist trapped behind the non activity of that counter, she is waiting for her better half?Who will it be - will he be able to provide her security and be a perfect companion? Will he be a wealthy old gentlemen, who is ready to trade love for love or a innocent struggling dreamer who keeps all the pizza boxes in the front seat of his car so that he can finally make out a table of them. will the shop girl be practical and prudent and opt for a non-committal relationship.

Shop girl based on a novella by Steve Martin is being made into a thoughtful film. A film which will make you see different shades of love and a never before seen Steve martin. There are no usual Steve martin histrionics. For a good no. of shots, the camera tracks back on Steve Martin, while he is staring at the camera, and he seems to be impregnable of the stare he is giving you back. Steve martin plays this character, which seems to convince him of not falling in love with Claire Danes, the shop girl and that their present engagement is only arrangement of convenience, where he believes she is fine with it.

On the other side of the story, is scruffy and gauche Jeremy, who does everything you should not be doing on your first date, but still there is something very innocent on the way he does it? Like begging for a kiss, borrowing two bucks for the split movie tickets on their first date. And picking up a mint instead of condom when Claire Danes call him over for it?? There are quite a few comic moments, but Steve stays away from it. There is a strange kind of truthfulness in the film, which drop every pretence to make the point finally at the end of the film?

The script is handled masterfully and small details makes this film a must see. You need to rest your guards and look for the minuscule details which makes the love come around at the end of the film. The sex scenes are made to seem a great deal in the film only to nullify them completely during the course of the narrative.

Filled with subtleties, this bittersweet love story is ideal for thinkers. Thinkers, lovers and dreamers who want to connect.

A beautiful film with no pretence, Claire Danes is brilliant as ever. Steve Martin is in a new avatar and Jason Schwartzman add a great charm to the film. It will affect you in a strange way and you will definitely love it.

My rating: 8/10


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