Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Cinema Talk - Page 3

Page 3

Producer: Lighthouse Entertainment / Sahara One Pictures Director: Madhur Bhandarkar Starring: Konkona Sen Sharma, Tara Sharma, Sandhya Mridul, Atul Kulkarni, Bikram Saluja, Boman Irani, Upendra Limaye, Jai Kalra. Music: Shamir Tandon

PAGE 3 is viewed from the eyes of a young journalist, Madhvi [Konkona Sen Sharma], who hails from Bangalore. Since childhood, she’d nursed a desire to take up journalism as a career.
Madhvi gets a job at Nation Today newspaper. Her job involves covering those highly-glamourised Page 3 parties and dos. Her boss, editor Deepak Suri [Boman Irani], is quite helpful, and so is the team.

Madhvi is leading a content life, sharing a rented apartment with Pearl [Sandhya Mridul], an air-hostess, when she comes across Gayatri [Tara Sharma], a starlet. Gayatri moves into Madhvi’s apartment and they soon become thick buddies. Often after seeing a film, you will wonder with this question "what was the intention of the director?" Halfway down Page3, you will not only be sure what the intention of the director is but also I particularly loved playing a quick quizzer and kept quessing who the characters are in real life were. From socialites turned social workers, gay makeup artists, big industrialist cum child molester, media friendly police officer, English novelist who loves to write about sex, frustrated singleton mom looking out for young hunks. You name it you have it, every stereotypes and probable characters from the page3. Infact, you can make a whole list of people coming to such parties, make a square against their name, and tick off as soon as these characters comes into the film, says a one-liner and ward off.

But to think of it, these one-liners may seem to be one of the redeemers of this film, the chaffeurs acts as narrators filling in the gaps and linking juicy stories any entertainment reporter would vouch for. Although there is underlying great plot of three girls staying together and each one of them from varied industry, Madhur hardly uses that aspect and seem to be lost in one parties after another.

While watching the film, I told myself only if Madhur was not too obsessed to take potshots on celebrities from page3 parties and but concentrated more on the new urban phenomenon of young wannabis trying their luck in the entertainment industry and particulaly when basu bhattacharya impersonate tells "Dagi kya". I just couldn't must smirk at the appropriatedness of the pun.

Konkona shines in her role, she come across to be more than innocent of being used and disposed by everyone in the film, including her boyfriend also. I like the inherent chemistry between her and Atul Kulkarni, the crime reporter, given more space, they would have kicked off better in the film. Boman is always his best, this film can't take it away from him.
Rounding off, well, this film would had been a lot better, if Madhur had better intentions.

My rating: 4/10


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