Saturday, July 7, 2007

Book Mark - The spy who came in from the cold

Excerpt from the book:
Alec was right - you believed in things because you needed to: what you believed in had no value of its own, no function. what did he say, 'A dog scratches where it itches. Different dog itches in different places'. No it was wrong. Alec was wrong. Truth existed - it was a wretched thing to say. Peace and Freedom and equality - there were facts, of course they are. And what about history - all those laws that party proved. No Alec was wrong: truth existed outside people. It was demonstrated in history, individuals must bow to it, be crushed by it necessary. The party was the vanguard of history, the spearpoint in the fight for peace...She went over the rubric a little uncertainly. She wished more people had come. Seven was so few. They looked so cross; cross and hungry

JOHN LE CARRE' exemplifies in this novel how important is a good closure for everyone. after all we look for a good closure to everything, from relationship to a fulfilling job. The pace of this novel is breathtaking, and I particularly like the period where Alec goes underground and meets liz. A good read, and it will set you free...


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