Saturday, May 26, 2007

oDDexistenZ - How Odd?

I sometimes question the policy of my life - long term or short term, Even or Odd. I see life as being merciful to me all the time. Its like a scribble on a wall - no matter how many times you paint on it, a bit of it always comes through, but not enough to put together the whole.

what do you see?

I see dust, torch light, insecure even competitors, crowd of villinous mob whose fears are invisible like my courage in the darkness...
I see an existence where my ideal is always a feet away, and more I try to grab it, I slip..
I see everyone around me in a mask and here I am trying to insert a cathode bulb into my flash kit, I don't even wait, I am wholly still and alone. the world will present itself to me for it unmasking....
in ectasy it will writhe at my feet

Odd is the distribution of our wealth and mind

Odd are the ways of the gun
Odd is the search for my home
Odd is the exchange of words for 'climate change' instead of 'global warming'
Odd is the War on terror
Odd is the occupation of our minds
Odd is our existenz

with EVEN spaced feet we walk towards an ODDend.


Nidhi Bal said...

the oddexistenz here is the most even thing in my are the best sabir and whatever you write is so full of meaning and substance. looking forward to more from you.

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