Thursday, February 22, 2007

bharatnagar photo studio Workx

a black parda 'curtain' and some believers

I call myself 'retro', 'iconoclast' & 'experimental'; and they would get excited. Using myself as a model was too far fledged, ofcourse I did knew the existence of self timer in Nikon FM10, but I found it a too self effacing ego-massage, which i didn't really need. My friends in bharatnagar so as in view of my insistence on the word 'experimental' finally gave away their apprehension to gulp the magic portion I have prepared through light and a black thin blanket.

The black thin, a little dirty blanket came from a lazy bum, who just loved to have bun samosa (one samasa smashed by index fingers and pushed into a innocent bun) during winter and sleep before having egg curry and 13 ruppee false basmati. Two of the very willing volunteers would hold the blanket and both the ends, and one reluctant light assistant would hold the table lamp with 100 watt bulb clumped into the melting socket.

I would just line up my shy models and during a 30-45 min photo session, each one of them got a chance to be a lighting assistant, a background blanket puller and ofcourse a MODEL for a experimental photoworkshop. After reading a handful of FOCAL PRESS published photography books. I would be stuck to the word 'depth of field'.

"Please stand with your hand stretched near my lens"
they would ask me why
"Depth of field na - it really adds to your personality"
"trust me till the print comes"
"okay two copy, one copy you can send to your girfriend"

I would gulp down these hi-fi promises and wonder if gazi bhai (dark room Djinn in college) would allow me one more photographic paper to deliver the promise

The results were not always to be shared;
but the bharatnagar photo studio - the dusty blanket, 100 watt table lamp ...
still lives on like contact sheet soldered onto my screensaver which pops out between my intermitted period of non-creative existence

the bharatnagar photo studio
male models: bedu, angshu, munna, musa, sharin & bitupon
lighting assistant: bedu, angshu, munna, musa, sharin & bitupon
black background: tipu - for the blanket and bedu, angshu, munna, musa, sharin & bitupon for the valuable assistance
camera: NIKON FM10

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