Monday, December 25, 2006

Wain mumkin ish-tiri sham-si-ya?

english: where can I buy an umbrella?

You better make that clear to the shopkeeper, as the thunderstorm blazes a new trail, as you look up to the cloudy sky. If you can see through the maze of shopping malls. You can definitely see droplets of unforgiving rain mixing with cold wintry wind building a strong concoction.

As one of my friend pointed out - Dubai is actually an acronym for Do i Buy? which infact also in my mothertongue can sound like - Dubay O Aai-I am drowning mother! Drowning simply because my body surface is not able to displace the equal and proportionate amount of Cash to keep me afloat.

Like this drifted thermocone cup, when it was tossed away by the early warning wind and waited to be washed away by the heavy downpour. When there is a overflow of emotions, all wishwashed dirt and underpinned thoughts gets stuck in the mouth of the gutter. Something similar to that phenomenon also happened during the Do i Buy? rainy days.

Dubai Shoppin festival starts today with extravagant-better-than-last-time Fireworks show, hope it doesn't get washed away like my DoiBuydream. Or broken down into mini polythenes bags carrin my collective hunger for anything new.

As I hop n pop on the pavement water lookin out for some joy. Dubai will continue to throw up newer ways to restructure my conditioned image of a rattle snake on a smoky desert.

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