Friday, November 3, 2006

You can't do anything about it

{market forces}

Gulf News - date 'does that matter::time is a misconception in dubai' - readers' s legal query section :

[Query: Sir, I stay in Bur Dubai, Dubai in a two room apartment, I moved in 3 months back. My problem is that my landlord has suddenly decided to raise the rent by 50% without any prior notice. Can I complain to any government agency? If yes, where should I go with my grievance? Can you please suggest me what to do?Answer: I am sorry to say, room rents are under the autonomy of the marketforces, and there isn't much you can do about it. I suggest if you can't pay the amount start looking for a new room.....]

Market Forces

Definition 1 : the forces which move the market
Definition 2: the forces which are moved by the market
Definition 3: the market is moved by an unseen force..the market force
Definition 4: the force of the market can move you...out of your apartment, that's why it is called a force!!

So, you move out, until it gets u again. A society, where your landlord or boss or vegetable vendor or cashier or milkman or domestic servant are all governed by market forces. And sorry, forgot to add to that list - your salary is also controlled by the market forces.

I just landed in Dubai, two weeks ago and I Intent to stay here , because my labor card or work visa also can be also moved by the market forces.
So, I would rather stop right here.

market forces...can you hear the wind blowing?
Does it make that stupid noise to your ears as it does to mine?


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