Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Liquid Tension

Liquid Tension

Canula-something that pierces you only once but maintain constant inflow n outflow of liquid;
A deadly Bacteria;
Friend Nurse;
Irrational Doctors;
Pepper Egg Curry by Mom;
Visitor pass;
750 ml of liquid from your lungs;
Visa n flight tickets for Oman;

When you see a distinct clear path, no right turns or left, just straight bang ahead. No potholes, No obstacles...No rash driving
What can go wrong? What can stop you from driving ahead with gutso?
Do you still believe in Destiny? The same question that kept ringing inside me like an endless loop while the flight Hostess was explaining the safety demonstration aboard the flight to Dubai. My co-passenger to my right eargerly waiting for the Flight Attendant to stop this nonsense and start serving liquor.
I land at midnight, still reeling from the shake-up I got from Destiny.
Do you believe in Destiny? Liquid Tension is what tricked me...Damn! How could I? Just how could I take it so know my condition

My condition of not believing in Destiny. Now, Who do I play up to and challenge into a losing game, now that I know destiny controls me. It drives me, It hold me up when I try n go a little faster, It tell me every moment that I am under survellience by an unknown force. I keep asking it to reveal this unknown force's identity. Destiny tells me to shut up and concentrate on its next move...
It knows the result, just that it will reveal and finally revel with.....eventualllllllllly

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