Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Book Mark - Aug-Sep 2006


"You are my paragon of goodness"
My experimental vovage accross diverse muficience like culture, food , people n ideologue still continues, my latest stopover IRAN.

IN THE WALLED GARDENS by Anahita Firouz, is the perfect match that I can think of. Impeccable lyrical style, Reza - A character who becomes the revolution but at the same time, stays alive to tell us the story, he knows his limit, so he survives the Shah Misrule - THE SAVAK interrogation, later he survives the Revolution too.
"Her hands are comforting. When they hover, a lifetime appears a sheltering place, an illusion worth every moment"
Old Age...decaying village...Myth retold as stories. There are quite a few characters in the book who were fast decaying in time. The village which revisits time to time, Mr. Mosharraff n his wife, Reza's mother whose mention brings alive Haji Alimarddin itself. Anahita has woven a timely piece with great mooring of time sliced in.
An inescapable love tragedy, love which never got the chance to breed.
"Every man has the right to an imprudence. I sat here thinking. she is my transgression"
"At its outermost limits, there may be an exceptional freedom
it is beyond heartbreak to reach that for..."

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