Sunday, July 23, 2006

Its a good time --- everytime!

Forever Reminiscent
Me running behind Bus No: 402, which leads to Pragati Maidan, also goes through the Labyrinth of Darya Ganj and finally landing in Jama Masjid. By the time, it about to reach Jama Masjid, a strange sensation runs through the bus, as the driver digs in the accelerator, some Burkha claded women trying to hold on to her kid strongly, as the bus starts swinging from one end to another. And here I am, holding on to the pole which seem to uproot anytime, I am definitely cursing my time.

I curse my time, whenever I board this bus, or any bus, especially when you have this funnty feeling of someone fiddling with your wallet, or sweaty underarms and puffing aunties asking for a seat. I look down the road and envy every motorbike passing by.

Me running in 70 km/hr, swinging around cars and aeging trucks, suddenly stopping over a huge pot hole, which seemed to swallow a whale during the recent downpour. Although Rammstein n Kid Rock are blasting my ears from the new walkman cellphone, still I could feel the cacophony of pointless horns and stupid swears of Delhi wallas. Playing truth n dare in Traffic points, truth of green and dare of crossing red, it seem to hit me every 5 km, even the promise of Delhi Government of no red lights in Ring Road, seems far too distant.I wait in a traffic point, and see this guy running to get aboard a bus, well the same bus no:402.

Suddenly, I have this urge of quickly jumping on to the bus. Leaving my bike in the nearest market sideways. It would be good fun, isn't it? Well, life been getting so boring lately, finishin my work by 11 pm, and a chance encounter with Sex n the City sometimes, or the last sequence of a movie in HBO. Or may be finishing the rough cut of my latest documentary film. Well, swinging in a jam packed bus, can get me some excitement. Wow! how much fun were the days when I use to travel by bus.....

So, I am presently having or not having a good time, isn't it. Lets add some adjectives - boring, no thrills, AC infected, fingers paining due to too much exposure to my keyboard, less sleep to no sleep, no milk shakes in the lazy afternoon, sitting idle near fountain of Ego Thai, watching cricket match the whole day, the list just goes on.
How unhappy am I, and some day when I will be driving my Honda SUV or private jet passing through the traffic jam, I will miss the adjectives just mentioned above.

isn't it ironic, how we underestimate or stop to laugh when we are apparently not having fun doing what we are doing?

It's was a good time, and yes it is a good time, everytime....


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