Monday, December 25, 2006

Wain mumkin ish-tiri sham-si-ya?

english: where can I buy an umbrella?

You better make that clear to the shopkeeper, as the thunderstorm blazes a new trail, as you look up to the cloudy sky. If you can see through the maze of shopping malls. You can definitely see droplets of unforgiving rain mixing with cold wintry wind building a strong concoction.

As one of my friend pointed out - Dubai is actually an acronym for Do i Buy? which infact also in my mothertongue can sound like - Dubay O Aai-I am drowning mother! Drowning simply because my body surface is not able to displace the equal and proportionate amount of Cash to keep me afloat.

Like this drifted thermocone cup, when it was tossed away by the early warning wind and waited to be washed away by the heavy downpour. When there is a overflow of emotions, all wishwashed dirt and underpinned thoughts gets stuck in the mouth of the gutter. Something similar to that phenomenon also happened during the Do i Buy? rainy days.

Dubai Shoppin festival starts today with extravagant-better-than-last-time Fireworks show, hope it doesn't get washed away like my DoiBuydream. Or broken down into mini polythenes bags carrin my collective hunger for anything new.

As I hop n pop on the pavement water lookin out for some joy. Dubai will continue to throw up newer ways to restructure my conditioned image of a rattle snake on a smoky desert.

Friday, November 3, 2006

You can't do anything about it

{market forces}

Gulf News - date 'does that matter::time is a misconception in dubai' - readers' s legal query section :

[Query: Sir, I stay in Bur Dubai, Dubai in a two room apartment, I moved in 3 months back. My problem is that my landlord has suddenly decided to raise the rent by 50% without any prior notice. Can I complain to any government agency? If yes, where should I go with my grievance? Can you please suggest me what to do?Answer: I am sorry to say, room rents are under the autonomy of the marketforces, and there isn't much you can do about it. I suggest if you can't pay the amount start looking for a new room.....]

Market Forces

Definition 1 : the forces which move the market
Definition 2: the forces which are moved by the market
Definition 3: the market is moved by an unseen force..the market force
Definition 4: the force of the market can move you...out of your apartment, that's why it is called a force!!

So, you move out, until it gets u again. A society, where your landlord or boss or vegetable vendor or cashier or milkman or domestic servant are all governed by market forces. And sorry, forgot to add to that list - your salary is also controlled by the market forces.

I just landed in Dubai, two weeks ago and I Intent to stay here , because my labor card or work visa also can be also moved by the market forces.
So, I would rather stop right here.

market forces...can you hear the wind blowing?
Does it make that stupid noise to your ears as it does to mine?

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Liquid Tension

Liquid Tension

Canula-something that pierces you only once but maintain constant inflow n outflow of liquid;
A deadly Bacteria;
Friend Nurse;
Irrational Doctors;
Pepper Egg Curry by Mom;
Visitor pass;
750 ml of liquid from your lungs;
Visa n flight tickets for Oman;

When you see a distinct clear path, no right turns or left, just straight bang ahead. No potholes, No obstacles...No rash driving
What can go wrong? What can stop you from driving ahead with gutso?
Do you still believe in Destiny? The same question that kept ringing inside me like an endless loop while the flight Hostess was explaining the safety demonstration aboard the flight to Dubai. My co-passenger to my right eargerly waiting for the Flight Attendant to stop this nonsense and start serving liquor.
I land at midnight, still reeling from the shake-up I got from Destiny.
Do you believe in Destiny? Liquid Tension is what tricked me...Damn! How could I? Just how could I take it so know my condition

My condition of not believing in Destiny. Now, Who do I play up to and challenge into a losing game, now that I know destiny controls me. It drives me, It hold me up when I try n go a little faster, It tell me every moment that I am under survellience by an unknown force. I keep asking it to reveal this unknown force's identity. Destiny tells me to shut up and concentrate on its next move...
It knows the result, just that it will reveal and finally revel with.....eventualllllllllly

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Book Mark - End Sep 2006

THE ROMANTICS - by Pankaj Mishra

A strange sensation runs you, when you put the book down...You think of Samar, the main protagonist, his dishevelled world,the brahmanised concept of moh-maya and his father's concept of samskara. The absent minded Sadhu sitting smoking pot lost in his void world. As Rajest points out to one of the nervous new entrant to Allahabad Univesity.
I saw him pointing to the empty expanses of sand and srubland across the river. 'That' he was saying, bringing out each Sanskrit and Hindi syllable precisely, 'is sunyata, the void. And this' - he pointed at the teeming conglomoration of temples and houses towards the north of the city - ' is maya, illusion.Do you know what our task is?' The student shook his head. Rajesh continued, ' Our task is to live somewhere in between.'
And then, abruptly he asked, 'Have you read Faiz?' I said I had

Somewhere must be the stars's last halting place
Somewhere the verge of night's slow washing tide
Somewhere an anchorage for ship of heartache

The story canvases across the country, unnamed railway station, his description of the landscape is like a puzzle, continuous caves he comes across - may be konkan area, vivid description of riots due to babri masjid - parts of Karnataka where rath yatra passed through. And finally the journey stoops to a slow motion narrative at Dharamshala.

This visual narrative which is so exquisite, makes me think of Samar, is he so observant or it is just Pankaj talking to you. You sometime start feeling Pankaj is just using Samar as a facade to get through to you. You start doubting the 'intellectual' capabilities of Samar. Catherine, Miss West, Anand, Mark infact all the characters are like mirror to each other, confused in the turmoil of a world. A world which rains down on Samar at the fag end of the novel.

A must read...will make you sit up and think. Is our task to live somewhere in between worth it!!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Book Mark - Aug-Sep 2006


"You are my paragon of goodness"
My experimental vovage accross diverse muficience like culture, food , people n ideologue still continues, my latest stopover IRAN.

IN THE WALLED GARDENS by Anahita Firouz, is the perfect match that I can think of. Impeccable lyrical style, Reza - A character who becomes the revolution but at the same time, stays alive to tell us the story, he knows his limit, so he survives the Shah Misrule - THE SAVAK interrogation, later he survives the Revolution too.
"Her hands are comforting. When they hover, a lifetime appears a sheltering place, an illusion worth every moment"
Old Age...decaying village...Myth retold as stories. There are quite a few characters in the book who were fast decaying in time. The village which revisits time to time, Mr. Mosharraff n his wife, Reza's mother whose mention brings alive Haji Alimarddin itself. Anahita has woven a timely piece with great mooring of time sliced in.
An inescapable love tragedy, love which never got the chance to breed.
"Every man has the right to an imprudence. I sat here thinking. she is my transgression"
"At its outermost limits, there may be an exceptional freedom
it is beyond heartbreak to reach that for..."

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Its a good time --- everytime!

Forever Reminiscent
Me running behind Bus No: 402, which leads to Pragati Maidan, also goes through the Labyrinth of Darya Ganj and finally landing in Jama Masjid. By the time, it about to reach Jama Masjid, a strange sensation runs through the bus, as the driver digs in the accelerator, some Burkha claded women trying to hold on to her kid strongly, as the bus starts swinging from one end to another. And here I am, holding on to the pole which seem to uproot anytime, I am definitely cursing my time.

I curse my time, whenever I board this bus, or any bus, especially when you have this funnty feeling of someone fiddling with your wallet, or sweaty underarms and puffing aunties asking for a seat. I look down the road and envy every motorbike passing by.

Me running in 70 km/hr, swinging around cars and aeging trucks, suddenly stopping over a huge pot hole, which seemed to swallow a whale during the recent downpour. Although Rammstein n Kid Rock are blasting my ears from the new walkman cellphone, still I could feel the cacophony of pointless horns and stupid swears of Delhi wallas. Playing truth n dare in Traffic points, truth of green and dare of crossing red, it seem to hit me every 5 km, even the promise of Delhi Government of no red lights in Ring Road, seems far too distant.I wait in a traffic point, and see this guy running to get aboard a bus, well the same bus no:402.

Suddenly, I have this urge of quickly jumping on to the bus. Leaving my bike in the nearest market sideways. It would be good fun, isn't it? Well, life been getting so boring lately, finishin my work by 11 pm, and a chance encounter with Sex n the City sometimes, or the last sequence of a movie in HBO. Or may be finishing the rough cut of my latest documentary film. Well, swinging in a jam packed bus, can get me some excitement. Wow! how much fun were the days when I use to travel by bus.....

So, I am presently having or not having a good time, isn't it. Lets add some adjectives - boring, no thrills, AC infected, fingers paining due to too much exposure to my keyboard, less sleep to no sleep, no milk shakes in the lazy afternoon, sitting idle near fountain of Ego Thai, watching cricket match the whole day, the list just goes on.
How unhappy am I, and some day when I will be driving my Honda SUV or private jet passing through the traffic jam, I will miss the adjectives just mentioned above.

isn't it ironic, how we underestimate or stop to laugh when we are apparently not having fun doing what we are doing?

It's was a good time, and yes it is a good time, everytime....

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Archival Misdoings

A day with yearender freaks

It was exactly two weeks before 31st of December. The bomb was dropped over us, the whole PCR crew got together in the dimly lit room under the flurry of baby lights hanging over us at the studio-D. The key word was "yearender". Now what is 'yearender'? Well, a commonly loosely used term for a half an hour program, our channel will air the whole day on the 1st of january. It will be made up of four segments, focussing on various topics - like how the capital markets misbehaved the whole year, foreign companies in India, the mega reliance family drama & others. I got into the capital markets segment. low bad breath and waited to meet up with my producer. After one week of silence rebuttal to my role, finally I got down to organise my whole team. what's the first job - clog my already clogged mobile phone book with some more numbers, so here goes barkha, priyanka, parveen (our editor) into my phone book. Now, what??? climb up the vtr library looking for archival shots of markets, cash counting machines, dollar shots, sunset shots, birds flying..think man!! think man!! think abstract...think metaphorical. Then, began my amazing journey through the archives of NDTV. what a!!

Tape no: SS????? ( SS stands for special tapes, if you are wondering) had this depressing footage of the 1984 sikh riots immediately followed by people celebrating diwali, u know, blowing crackers and shit.... such irony of missmatched montage, eisenstein would have loved it absolutely. On an another occation, there was this shot of tsunami followed by some kerela tourist shots, you can seriously blame the archival person, but trust me, our fate is exactly like that. After a terrible time, the only thing you can hope for is some moments of joy.

When everything comes to an end, the only way out is a new beginning. that was the moment of realisation for me, after burying myself in NDTV archive, I learnt a strange lesson for my life.

Its has got no timecodes, infact an idea with lots of time code breaks, can't really capture them in one go.

A tape that has no video format, no timecode, no glitches but a footage you can never fathom in your wildest of dreams. The archival footage which will be repeated on 1st of Jan and then again n again....

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