Sunday, June 5, 2005

Ellora - the swabhiman story

Get me the cookies

On my recent trip to Dehradun-Mussorie, there was one name that kept ringing intermittedly - ELLORA n ELLORA. I started wondering may it must be something like ellora, some elusive cave, where now you can even find Mcdonalds's outlet inside, littered like bisleri bottles like some very published tourist spots in mussourie. But I had, lots of surprises in store for me - my girlfriend later added on to my clarity of urgency when she asked me specifically for pista cookie from ELLORA. I would certainly research on to it more, once i put my hands on some. But as my girlfriend later told me, ELLORA is one of the oldest bakeries in dehradun, it was well written on the entrance sign boad - estd in 1953. But what even my girlfriend was not prepared for was that there were two ELLORA bakery shops, right next to each other.

Each one of them protraying to be established in 1953. Which should i go in for the cookies i been asked for?

So, I started playing up my mind with the infamous RELIANCE story, story of two brothers going sour over some million dollar property. so, what the catch for ELLORA story. When my two uncles and their patient wives fought over our ancestral home. A low cricket stump high wall was build over their balconies and two separate entries came upon our anscestral home. So, i presume something similar happenned to ELLORA. A 'swabhiman' shift - traditional joint family blues.

No matter, the cookies were great, i can't say from which one i got, but i hope i got the genuine one.

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